Brendan Rowlands / Photographer

British born, my journey to becoming professional has been long, both metaphorically and literally.

That I was being able to capture moments and places that others hadn’t been to or in ways that they hadn’t observed them before captured me from a young age. I’ve been taking images since my early teens but it wasn’t until around eighteen or nineteen when I got my first SLR 35mm in the late ‘70’s, a basic East German “Practika” camera but what it had was an excellent f2.8 Carl Zeiss lens and with that I was hooked for life. Shortly after leaving university in ‘83 I moved from the UK to Mexico where I married and have been living ever since.

Once here I was amazed at the possibilities for making images. The new horizons, the wealth of cultures and climates made an image about everywhere I looked. Although I continued with teaching myself the basic skills improving little by little  I still needed to make a living and spent the best part of 35 years working in industry but I never really left photography behind, every trip and every event was an “excuse” to bring the camera along.


After an life changing event I found that I needed to reevaluate my plans for the future and decided to leave the comfort of continuing down the same well trodden path. Instead I opted not to go back to the routine and structure of the office job but to jump into the unknown to explore my passion for photography and turn professional.

I spent three years perfecting my technical abilities and artistic appreciation at the International Center of Photography in New York and Academia de Artes Visuales in Mexico City. The hardest part was to make that final leap to going pro even when you don’t feel you’re ready but, I have learnt during this process that you just need to take that step so here I am, very exited to start working with you.

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