Brendan Rowlands / Photographer

Born in the UK, he has lived in Mexico since 1984. Originally graduating in Applied Biology, he spent 35 years working in the manufacturing sector and worked on photography when he could. A major restructuring where he was employed gave him the opportunity to reevaluate his perspective on his personal and familywellbeing as well as his own objectives. With this freedom to make a paradigm shift, he decided to move away from the corporate office environment and take up photography as his principle activity.

Self-taught over many years, he has spent the past 3 years studying the art of photography in a more formal environment. He has graduated from the International Center of Photography in New York as well as a number of other academies in Mexico and abroad. He has recently exhibited some of his recent work both individually and as a collective.

Currently his work centers around personal documentary projects relating to intimate portraits and environmental topics. Lately he has begun to experiment with digital negatives and Palladium/Platinum printing.

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